Per Volquartz

Oregon Coast, 2005 photographer Per Volquartz

We are very pleased to present a selection of photographs by

Landscape Photographer, Per Volquartz

has an extensive exhibit record including a recent thirty year retrospective at the Denmark Museum of Photography in Herning, Denmark. A limited edition book of 800 copies is in being printed and will be available April, 2008.

Per Volquartz started his career in the visual arts after graduating from Art Center College of Design in 1971. At first he worked as a graphic designer and illustrator. Soon however, he discovered large format photography, which later proved to be his main direction as a visual artist.

In Yosemite National Park, in the summer of 1976 Per Volquartz met Ansel Adams and Morley Baer, who together with the painter, Lorser Feitelsohn were to inspire him, forming his unique background in creative photography.

Yosemite 1976 L to R: Bob Kolbrener, Andy Schumacher, Per Volquartz, Ansel Adams:

(During the years at Art Center in Los Angeles Per Volquartz had studied under Lorser Feitelson, the master of modern American hard edge painting.)

This was to become a turning point in his photographic career. During the next decade and a half he accepted a variety of commercial assignments from many fortune 500 companies. He became known for his unique photographic point of view, and as a master printer.

The photographic images of Per Volquartz have appeared in most major magazines in the United States. This includes Life Magazine, Time and Newsweek, The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, National Geographic and Wall Street Journal. Articles about his work have also appeared in many publications including American Photographer magazine, Print Magazine's Casebooks (The Best of Annual Reports), and most recently in Fotopozytyw, a professional photography magazine published in Poland.

He has received numerous honors for his professional work during the past 30 years, including a fellowship from the American Scandinavian Foundation and Award of Excellence from the American Institute of Graphic Arts and from Print Magazine.